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Are Tutoring Franchises Profitable?

Are Tutoring Franchises Profitable?

Absolutely! It’s easy to see why: The ever-increasing demand for education services, particularly online tutoring for K-12 students, is on the rise – and is expected to grow by 12.75% by 2021. Education franchise business owners have a unique opportunity to capitalize on this expanding market while ensuring they make a good return on investment.

Parents are consistently investing in their children’s education and that makes these businesses essentially recession-proof – especially in times of increased educational difficulties such as the current pandemic.

Plus, tutoring franchises typically come with low royalty fees and initial investments, meaning less overhead so more profits. All of this ensures the potential to be very profitable indeed.

Three Good Reasons To Launch Your Own Tutoring Company

Here are three compelling reasons to launch your own tutoring company.

1. For The Duration Of Your Business, Franchise Organizations Will Take An Average Of 5%-9% Of Your Total Sales As A One-time Fee Of Between $15,000 And $70,000

Having your own tutoring company may sound like a great idea, but the fact of the matter is that it can be quite costly. Franchise organizations require a one-time fee of between $15,000 and $70,000 to get started. This means that for the duration of your business, these organizations take an average of 5%-9 % of your total sales as an upfront payment.

While this may seem daunting, you have to remember that this will usually translate into 20-35 % of net revenues and will continuously siphon part of your profits for the life span of your business. This can add up to quite a hefty amount over time, so make sure you consider all the options before starting your own tutoring company.

2. A Lot Of Tutoring Franchisees Believe That After The Second Year, They No Longer Receive Value From The Corporate Franchise Office

Many tutoring entrepreneurs often worry about entering a new business and having to learn the ropes. Franchising supplies customers with guiding business strategies, monthly cash flow, national campaigns, yearly income projections, and corporate guidance, emphasizing the importance of this format for success. But it’s possible to learn the necessary skills and business acumen on your own with effort and available resources.

Despite all that, many tutoring franchisees feel like they can no longer rely on the corporate franchise office after their second year in operation. Franchises tend to reduce financial aid and development opportunities after that period, leaving franchisors with limited access to things like PPC, SEO, and other marketing strategies.

Therefore, it is important to plan ahead before you launch your own tutoring company by creating a comprehensive business plan which includes everything from marketing strategies to financial analyses.

Additionally, you should carefully select a name for your business, register it in your state, purchase adequate insurance policies and decide whether independent contractors or W2 employees suit you best. Last but not least, having great content on a professional website as well as efficient marketing tools in place may prove extremely useful for quick progress.

3. Franchises Place Geographical Restrictions On You

One of the disadvantages of signing up for a franchising agreement is that you can be stuck with geographical restrictions. This means that your customer base may be limited to certain zip codes and you won’t be able to advertise in other areas or accept online business from any location.

This issue arises as parent companies who sell franchises naturally want to maximize their sales within each metropolitan area they enter, so they use franchise consultants and brokers who make money by selling as many franchises as possible.

If a franchisee signs an agreement with them, they are then locked into geographical boundaries that make it difficult for them to generate more income beyond what’s available in those areas.

For example, the owner of a large national chain located in a high-rent zip code may be able to charge around $15 more than someone based only 30 miles away because their customer demographic differs greatly due to income levels or lack thereof.

Launching your own tutoring company rather than going through a parent company, won’t restrict you – you’ll have the opportunity to advertise and accept both local and online businesses for your services, giving yourself far more potential for growth and success.

Why You Should Purchase A Tutoring Franchise?

1. Reliable Franchises Give Aspiring Business Owners A Tried-and-true Business Model

Purchasing a tutoring franchise is an excellent way for aspiring business owners to get a leg up in their entrepreneurship journey. With a reliable franchise, you gain access to best practices that have been developed and perfected over many years of daily operations!

This means that starting up your business can be made much easier, as opposed to when founding your own business, you don’t have to worry about learning and mastering skills such as Pay-Per-Click optimization or SEO.

You can also benefit from the help of franchisors when making important decisions regarding legal matters, insurance coverage, following state regulations, and more. As these types of decisions require specialized knowledge, having support from experts on hand is invaluable.

Plus, with a proven marketing and operating model already set up for you, you won’t face the same challenges new business owners often experience when starting from scratch. A tutoring franchise offers everything needed for success so entrepreneurs can focus on growing and expanding their businesses!

2. Reliable Franchises Offer Consulting And Helpful Support

When you decide to purchase a tutoring franchise, one of the biggest advantages that you gain is the dedicated support and consulting from a team of franchise owners. Their goal is for you to experience success, which creates mutual success between the franchisor and franchisee.

This level of attention and assistance is particularly important in the first two years of owning a tutoring franchise, as helpful support can be truly influential in guaranteeing your business’s success. The results from various studies regarding how successful franchises are compared to start-ups organically grown are inconclusive, however, Entrepreneur has shared some interesting statistics on this subject.

Nevertheless, with reliable franchises offering consultation and strong support, especially during those initial stages, it’s no wonder why so many entrepreneurs turn to franchises as an opportunity for their growth!

3. Well-known Franchises Offer Good Marketing Assistance And Brand Recognition

When it comes to purchasing a tutoring franchise, one of the key advantages is brand recognition and marketing assistance from well-known franchises. Even if the franchise is relatively small, customers are likely to feel more comfortable trusting an organization that has basic operations in multiple markets, as well as a notable track record.

Plus, franchisers usually provide SEO services as well as other content marketing efforts that will help drive traffic to their website. This can be incredibly helpful when it comes to building up your customer base and you may even receive lead referrals each month through their call center or other lead referral programs.

In short, investing in a tutoring franchise can open the door to good brand recognition and access to helpful marketing assistance that can give you an extra edge over your competitors.

The Top 10 Tutoring Franchise Companies In The USA Are Listed Below

The Tutoring Center

The Tutoring Center has been immensely successful since its founding in 1994, with 89 units and providing a chance for entrepreneurs to change education.

If you want to work within a fun and rewarding environment while doing something positive for children, then The Tutoring Center is definitely worth considering!

Club Z! In-Home Tutoring Services

Club Z! In-Home Tutoring Services offers a special business chance in the U.S. Established in 1995 and giving franchising since 1998, they have witnessed an enlargement of up to 370 units around the country.

With an initial expenditure going from $33,800 – $34,750 and Royalty Fees between 6% – 8%, it can be an excellent investment opportunity. Become your own boss today and join their successful multi-billion dollar tutoring industry with Club Z! In-Home Tutoring Services. It has its own individual learning style.

Tutor Doctor

Tutor Doctor is the top tutoring franchise company in the USA and has been since 2003. Founded in 2000, this franchise has grown to have over 727 units globally, making it one of the fastest-growing industries around the world.

This success certainly can be attributed to Tutor Doctor’s low initial investment franchise – with fees ranging from $44,700 – $59,700 and royalty fees of 8%.

Sylvan Learning

Sylvan Learning is one of the top 10 tutoring franchise companies in the USA. Founded in 1979, it has been franchising since 1980 and currently has 560 franchise units. It requires a minimum initial investment of $70,000 and its franchise fee is between $24,000 and $30,000.

This tutoring franchise offers an incredible level of support to its franchisees as well as advancements in technology which makes business operations run much more smoothly with no surprise expenses. Plus, Sylvan’s flat royalty rate system is set at a flat rate so there are no hidden costs.

JEI Learning Centers

JEI Learning Centers have been helping millions of students since 1977 in achieving their full potential. It provides an effective supplementary educational program renowned for its excellence, and it doesn’t stop there – JEI offers comprehensive professional training for its franchise owners as well as full support and guidance.

The initial investment starts at $70,000 with a franchise fee of $22,500. Each subject has its own royalty fees, ranging from $23 to $33 per month. On top of that, the company is committed to expanding consumer awareness through creative and innovative marketing campaigns across various channels.

Huntington Learning Centers

Huntington Learning Center has been providing invaluable tutoring and test preparation services for K-12 students since 1977. Founded in 1985, Huntington has grown to become one of the top 10 tutoring franchise companies in the USA with 271 franchise units.

The initial investment is $147,000, plus a franchise fee of $36,000 which includes a 9.5% royalty agreement on all subsequent sales.

Eye Level Learning Centers

Eye Level Learning Centers are the perfect education franchise opportunity for those with a passion for education. Established in 1976, Eye Level has been franchising since that same year and now operates 745 franchises across 22 countries.

They offer comprehensive support to their franchisees, starting with an initial investment of at least $52,000 and a one-time $5,000 franchise fee.

Mathnasium Learning Centers

Mathnasium Learning Centers are one of the top 10 tutoring franchise companies in the USA. Founded in 2002, they have been franchising since 2003 and currently have over 1,075 franchise units.

The initial investment when franchising with Mathnasium is $113,000 and they also charge a $49,000 franchise fee as well as royalties ranging from 10%.


Kumon is one of the most successful tutoring franchises in the USA. It was established back in 1954 and has since then been franchising for over 60 years.

It now boasts more than 26,321 franchise units and an initial investment of $64,000. The Franchise Fee is set at a low cost of only $1,000 followed by royalty fees of $34 – $38 per student per month.

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