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Online Tutoring Jobs For Teens

Our Guide To Getting Online Tutoring Jobs For Teens

If your teen is looking to make some side income during their studies or maybe you are a teen looking for a flexible job, you might be curious about online tutoring jobs as a teen. 

Online tutoring jobs can be a little bit hard to find as a teen since they often require you to be over a certain age and have a degree, but there are some sites out there such as The Tutor Link and Palfish.

We’ve put together a guide below which will take you through how much money you could make as a teen tutor, the best tutor jobs for teens, the type of online tutoring and some tips to consider. 

How Much Money Do Online Tutoring Jobs Make?

As a teen, having a flexible income around your studies is a great way to have more spending or save money, on average you could be earning between £8-£20 an hour depending on the rate you set and your experience. 

It is worth noting that teens might be offered a lower pay rate than adults due to the lack of qualifications, however, some jobs allow you to set your rate like TheTutor.Link.

The 5 Best Online Tutoring Jobs For Teens

Some well-known online tutoring sites such as VIPkid don’t offer jobs for teens as online tutor since they require teens to have a TEFL qualification or a degree. 

This doesn’t mean you can’t find tutoring jobs as a teen however, we’ve listed the best sites to check out for work below. 


The Tutor Link is an online tutoring platform which focuses on hiring students/teens to teach online and tutor other students, allowing them to earn a side income during their studies and children to learn better thanks to the smaller age gap. 

All you need to sign up to the tutor link is a certificate in the area of knowledge you will be tutoring and then you will be vetted after the sign-up process. An advantage of the tutor link is that it allows you to set your earning rate. 


On Fiverr, you can make an account as young as 13 and begin tutoring! A great advantage to Fiverr is that you can literally teach any subject on the site, even how to play instruments!

One notable downfall to Fiverr is that it is very saturated which can make your tutoring services harder to stand out.


Palfish allows you to teach English abroad to kids in China, the site takes 20% of what you earn but doesn’t have an age restriction, making it a perfect way for teens to earn a side income. 

You need to hold a TEFL certificate to teach, however. 


Udemy is not the most traditional way to give tutoring sessions but it can allow you to create a course about your tutor services, people then buy your course and learn through the videos you’ve created. 

You technically have to be 18 years or older to create an account on Udemy but your parent can do it for you, if your course is found organically through the site you can get up to 37% of the income while Udemy gets the rest.

Try Freelancing 

If you’re an expert in one subject area at school you can always try freelancing your online tutoring gigs to earn a side income.

You could list your tutoring sessions locally in your area on craigslist or Indeed, for example, plenty of parents will be willing to pay to get their kids tutored on a smaller budget.

A downfall of freelancing services to parents is that it takes time to land clients. 

What Are The Benefits Of Online Tutoring As A Teen?

If you don’t have much tutoring experience you might be nervous to offer your online tutoring services to other students, however, the benefits of working for yourself can be a great motivation if you are on the sideline about tutoring. 

We’ve listed some advantages to online tutoring below.

  • It gives you work experience – Running your own online tutoring sessions gives you business experience, you then put this work experience tutoring on your resume or when applying for university.
  • It’s flexible – One-on-one tutoring sessions can be planned around your own schedule and fit in with your studying times as you desire. 
  • You can earn what you want – You can land some excellent high-paying tutoring gigs and set the rate you want per hour, this allows you to use your tutor salaries for extra spending money or saving.

Types Of Online Tutoring For Students 

If you’re curious about becoming an online teen tutor you might be wondering what kinds of subjects you can teach as a teenage tutor, we’ve listed some ideas below based on popular subjects at school. 

  • English learning – Offering English online tutoring services is great for kids who struggle with the English language or writing, you can even become more niche by teaching poetry or storing writing if you are good at it.
  • Teaching kids in math – Many kids suffer with strong math skills, in fact, maths is one of the subjects where tutoring is sought after most. 
  • Music instruments – Good at the violin or keyboard? All you need is a good microphone and then your set to teach music to other students who might be struggling.
  • Specialist subjects – Know a lot about psychology, sociology or other specialist subjects? Online tutoring can be a great way to share your knowledge and earn income with flexible hours, sites like TheTutor.Link allow you to teach these kinds of subjects.

Things To Consider When Tutoring Online 

Let’s say you’re confident enough to start your tutoring services and teach, there are still some important things you need to consider however before starting your online tutoring business or joining a platform. 

  • Internet – In order to have a successful tutoring business you need to consider your internet connection which should have a reliable and stable connection, you don’t want to be dropping out halfway through teaching your students!
  • Microphone – Having a good microphone and headset is important as a reliable internet connection, you need to make sure you can hear your student clearly and vice versa. 
  • Time – Although online tutoring gigs can fit around your study schedule and school, make sure you really have enough time to be tutoring in your daily schedule as well as time for resting. 
  • Patience – Kindness and patience go a long way when teaching kids, allow your students time to learn and understand what you teach and don’t expect them to get it right away.

Our Top Tips For Tutoring Online 

Having knowledge and patience can go a long way when tutoring, however, there are also some other great tips you can integrate into your tutoring sessions if you want your students to get the most out of your teaching. 

We’ve listed our best tips below. 

  • Take a break – If are tutoring for an hour and a 5/10 minute break in between each half of your session can stop students from getting tired or overwhelmed.
  • Make it interesting – After getting to know your students and their interests, why not try base tutoring around their interests, for example, if they like football try to base learning around this.
  • Praise and reward – Make sure to praise and reward your students when they get things right during tutoring, this keeps them motivated.
  • Mix activities – Mix up the activities in your lesson plans, you could get students to sketch what they have learnt, and make flyers or even songs, for example, this helps them to stay engaged.
  • Give homework – In order for your student to consolidate and remember what they have learnt we suggest giving them homework in between sessions, this can be minimal fun activities.
  • Check for technical difficulties – Always make sure your mic, internet and headset are working before starting each session.
  • Stay organised – If you are tutoring multiple students with different sessions, make note of all your times and when you should be preparing lesson plans so that you can stay on top of your tutoring without getting overwhelmed.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tutoring Online 

How do online tutoring jobs work? 

Online tutoring jobs work by you signing up to be a tutor and offering specific tutoring services around certain school subjects, you can then set your rate and hours and start tutoring. 

The site will take a commission of what you earn.

What can I teach as an online tutor?

You can teach a variety of subjects as a tutor, English, maths or science as well as specialised subjects.

Can I be a tutor at 16?

Most tutor jobs require you to be 18 and above, however, some sites aren’t fussy about age as long as you have a certificate in the subject you want to teach like TheTutor.Link.

Last Words 

To conclude, there are many ways to make money online tutoring as a teen as long as you have a certificate of TEFL in the subject you are studying.

Make sure to schedule around your school hours and set your rate according to the kind of money you want to earn, be aware tutoring sites might not let you teach unless you are over 18.

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