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Can International Students Pursue Online Degree Programs?

Are you thinking of studying abroad? If so, then you might want to consider pursuing an online degree program.

The advantages of studying abroad are numerous. For starters, you get to see the world while earning a degree at the same time.

But if you’re looking to study abroad, you should also consider the benefits of attending an online university instead of a traditional campus based university. The main benefit of studying online is flexibility.

You can attend classes whenever suits you best without having to worry about finding a class schedule that fits into your busy schedule.

Studying online gives you the freedom to choose where you study. You can choose from anywhere around the globe because online universities offer their courses online.

So whether you want to study in Australia, Canada or even United Kingdom, you can do it.

While there are pros and cons to both options, choosing to study abroad and online has its own set of disadvantages.

One disadvantage of studying online is that there aren’t always tutors available to help you with assignments.

Another disadvantage is that you won’t be able to interact with other students who are studying in the same city.

15 Great European distance learning universities

Europe is a continent, with numerous countries including Germany, France, Italy, Spain & the United Kingdom.

The UK, however, has been separated from mainland Europe while it continues to participate in many of its single market policies.

New Zealand also participates in some EU programs but not all. This article highlights 10 great distance learning institutions that can be found in various parts of Europe.

These include both public and private university campuses as well as community based schools.

1. Wageningen University and Research (WUR), the Netherlands

We’ve decided to compile our own list using information from the prestigious QS Rankings 2020, created by Top Universities.

The WUR offers more than 100 different bachelor’s programs taught entirely through online classes.

The school also has several master’s programmes that include both face-to-face teaching as well as online components. Students have access to all course materials via their personal account.

2. Freie Universitat Berlin, Germany

Freie Universität Berlin offers more than 100 different bachelor’s and master’s programs taught entirely in German or English.

The tuition fee for these programmes ranges between 1,000 – 3,500 EUR per semester.

3. Stockholm University, Sweden

Stockholm University offers several different types of programs through its various campuses around the world. Online education is only available at Bachelor’s or Master’s levels.

Students have the opportunity to choose between Swedish language classes as well as other subjects taught in English.

4. Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

Trinity College Dublin offers more than 100 different undergraduate and postgraduate programmes through its various schools and departments.

Online courses taught at Trinity College Dublin are mostly at Bachelor’s or Master’s levels. Students have access to many scholarships that help them pay for their studies.

5. University of Oxford, the UK

Oxford has been educating people since 1249. It offers more than 300 different undergraduate programs across its various faculties.

Online courses offered by the University of Oxford are mostly at Bachelor’s or Masters’ levels. Tuition fees vary depending on which programme you choose.

6. European University Cyprus KU Leuven, Belgium

KU Leuven offers more than 100 different bachelor’s and master’s programs through its various faculties.

Most of these programmes are taught entirely online, while others have both face-to-face classes as well as online ones.

7. EU Business School, Spain

EU business school, Spain also offers international degree program, such as MBA, MSc and PhD degrees.

These programs are designed specifically for working professionals who want to further develop their career within an international environment.

8. Swiss School of Business and Management, Switzerland

Offers online degrees major in Business and Management degrees. All programs are accredited by EFMD – European Foundation for Management Development.

This can help international students and other online students gain a competitive advantage over traditional campus based university students.

9. Copenhagen Business Academy, Denmark

CBA was established in 2004 with the aim of providing Danish companies with highly skilled employees.

CBA provides online degrees in Business Administration, Marketing, Economics, Accounting & Finance, Human Resource Management, International Relations, Public Affairs, Law etc.

10. HEC Paris, France

HEC Paristhe leading French higher education institution offering executive education programs worldwide.

Education opportunities in this region include: Executive Education Programs, Professional Training Courses and Academic Degree Programmes.

11. International Telematic University UNINETTUNO, Italy

Telematic University also offers best distance learning courses, diplomas, certificates, masters and doctorate degrees internationally.

Online application can be done from anywhere where there is internet connection.

12. Middlesex University London, United Kingdom

Middlesex University is one of the top universities in the U.K., located in London. The University focuses not just on teaching but also research and consultancy services.

International degree program in this university are high standards. They also offer doctoral degree for international students online.

13. Universidad de Los Andes, Colombia

Universidad de los Andes is a private non profit public university founded in 1969. There education platform are one of the best distance education. 

Many ambitious students around the world would love to study abroad, get educated locally, and apply what they learn back home.

This way, it will benefit those countries because they will receive new ideas and knowledge into their own communities. 

14. Université Catholique de Louvain (UCL), Belgium

This university offers best college education, They teach English language classes and business school programs.

They also offer virtual proctor service, which means that you don’t need to go physically to class. You can attend lectures via live streaming video or audio conference calls.

15. Open University UK

Open Universities UK has been delivering high quality flexible open access educational content since 1996. It’s part of British Council and funded by the government.

They teach international education and any campus-based education. The accreditation level of this university is high and its curriculum is very good.

Cheap online degree programs for international students

There are many different types of degrees offered online. Some of these degrees are not as well known or recognized as others.

One of those lesser known degrees is the Bachelor Degree in International Business Management.

Many people are unaware of this degree because it is often considered to be an online degree program.

However, there is nothing wrong with earning an online degree. In fact, there are many benefits to earning an online degree.

If you are thinking about earning an online bachelor’s degree, then you should consider the following cheap online degree programs for international student.

They also offer accredited degree such as:

  • Advanced degree for English subjects 

This eligible full-time postgraduate taught degrees are available at all levels including undergraduate, master’s and PhD.

These include BA degrees in English Language Teaching; MA/PG Certificates in Applied Linguistics & Bilingualism; MSc Degrees in Applied Linguistics, Translation Studies, Intercultural Communication, Second Languages Acquisition, TESOL, TEFL, ESL, EAP, ELF, CELTA, CAE, PTE Academic Preparation, IATEFL Certificate, etc.; Doctor

  • Associates (2-year) degree

Associate graduates are able to work towards a Master’s degree after two years’ experience working within the field.

These courses are designed to provide practical skills and professional development opportunities.

  • Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees

Some cheap online schools can also offers this kind of college degree, but most of them only have limited number of programs.

If you want to earn your bachelor’s degree from overseas, make sure that the institution you choose provides both bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

  • Business degrees

Business degrees are very common for schools including online programs There are several reasons why someone might wish to obtain one of these degrees.

For example, if you plan on starting up your own company someday, having a business degree could help you achieve success.

Another reason why some people may wish to earn a business degree is so that they can become more knowledgeable about how businesses operate.

Many employers look for candidates who hold a business degree when hiring employees.

  • Degree in finance

Degree in finance are usually awarded based upon completion of a coursework programme which includes three main components: core modules, electives and dissertation.

The core module will cover topics like accounting principles, financial management, corporate governance, economics, law, marketing, human resource management, information technology, operations research, statistics, taxation, banking and insurance.

  • Degree in psychology

Bachelor’s degree in psychology are typically four year programmes where students study various aspects of mental health and behaviour.

Students learn about psychological disorders, personality traits, cognitive processes, social issues, developmental stages, psychotherapy techniques, assessment methods, ethical practices, legal requirements, clinical practice, counselling theory and practice, educational theories and policies, career options, and much more.

Students must complete 120 credits over their 4 years of studies. The first 2 years consist of 60 credit hours while the last 2 years consists of another 60 credit hours.

  • Distance learning degrees

There are online schools that offers cheap distance learning. This means that you don’t need to be physically present at any particular location or campus to take part in classes.

You just need an internet connection and access to computer software. You’ll still need to pay tuition fees though.

Online education has been growing rapidly as it allows individuals to get quality education without leaving home.

It gives flexibility to those who cannot attend regular colleges due to time constraints or other personal commitments.

  • English-taught online degrees

English proficiency requirement can be attained with this online degree course.

Students enrolled in English language courses will receive instruction through video lectures, audio recordings, written materials, tests, quizzes, assignments, discussion forums, etc.

This type of program requires no physical presence at a school or university. Instead, all lessons are delivered via webcams, telephone calls, email messages, text messaging services, chat rooms, etc.

What are the application requirements for online degree program?

You must be 18 years old or older. You must submit official identification (such as a passport) at the time you apply.

Your application will also require a signature from a parent or guardian if you are under 18 years old.

Application fee and acceptance into online degree programs

Most universities have different admission criteria depending on whether they offer undergraduate or graduate level programs.

Some may charge additional fees such as application processing fees, registration fees, orientation fees, etc.

Some institutions do not accept applications from certain countries because of visa restrictions. Others only admit applicants whose academic records meet minimum standards.

Admission is competitive so most people applying for these types of programs will likely face rejection. However, there are some exceptions.

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