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What To Do In Summer Holidays For College Students?

Summer Break Ideas for College Students

College students are always busy with their studies and assignments.

They have to prepare themselves well in order to get good grades.

But, they also need some time off from the hectic schedule of college life.

So, what should you do during summer holidays?

Here we will discuss about different activities that can be done by a student while on vacation.

These ideas may help them relax as well as enjoy their vacations.

Go Camping

If your parents or friends suggest going summer camp then it is definitely an excellent idea.

You can go hiking, swimming, fishing etc. It’s not only fun but also helps you bond better with family members.

Moreover, if you want to spend quality time alone then this activity is perfect for you.

Visit Museums/Galleries

This is another great way to unwind yourself after studying all day long.

There are many museums which offer free entry so why don’t you visit one today?

Also, there are lots of galleries where you can see art pieces created by famous artists.

Some of these places even allow photography inside.

Play Sports

Playing summer sports league like tennis, badminton, football, cricket, etc. is very relaxing.

Not just that; it gives you energy too! Try playing basketball, volleyball, soccer, table tennis, etc.

Travel Abroad

 Another thing that you can do is travel abroad. Many colleges provide scholarships for international trips.

So, take advantage of such opportunities. You can explore new cultures, meet people from other countries and learn more things.

Read Books

Reading books is something everyone loves doing. Whether it’s fiction or nonfiction, summer reading makes us feel relaxed.

And when you read at night, it becomes much easier to fall asleep.

So, make sure you keep a book near you throughout the break.

Watch Movies

Watching movies is yet another enjoyable experience.

You can watch any movie you love without having to pay anything. Just sit back and let the magic happen.

Take Yoga Classes

Taking yoga summer class is beneficial because it improves flexibility and strength.

Apart from that, it reduces stress levels. So, try taking up yoga lessons before the holiday starts.

Learn New Skills

Learning skills like cooking, dancing, singing, painting etc. is really helpful.

All these hobbies give you confidence and improve self esteem.

Join Social Groups

Joining social groups like summer conferences, dance clubs, music bands, drama club etc. is also a wonderful option.

Such groups bring together individuals who share similar interests.

Thus, you can interact with others easily.

Get Involved With Volunteering Activities

Volunteering is a noble cause. By volunteering, you gain knowledge and develop leadership qualities.

Besides, you get paid for it. So, join volunteer organizations and contribute towards society.

How much should a college student make over the summer?

College students have two options: work during summer or study full-time in order to save money.

However, both choices come with pros and cons.

Work During Summers


1) Earn extra cash

2) Get some real life experiences

3) Learn how to manage responsibilities

4) Gain valuable skills


1) Less time for studies

2) More pressure to perform

Study Full Time

1 ) Save money

2) Have less responsibility

3) No need to worry about grades

4) Enjoy your holidays

If you’re a college student who wants to make some extra money over the summer vacation, then you might want to consider working as an online summer evening tutor.

Tutoring summer job are always in demand and you can find tutors willing to pay anywhere between $10-$20 per hour.

You can start making money as soon as you get off campus and you’ll be able to keep earning while you’re away from upcoming school community.

In fact, you could even use your free time to study for your classes.

Plan Ahead for Summer Holidays

Summer holidays are here and everyone is looking forward to spending quality time with their family and friends.

However, planning ahead for summer holiday can be stressful.

It is important to take a summer plan ahead because there are certain things that you should consider before you leave home.

Here are some tips to help you plan ahead for summer break holidays.

Make A Budget Plan

A budget plan helps you stay on track financially. You will know exactly what expenses you incur every summer months so you won’t end up going into debt.

It is advisable to set aside enough funds for food, accommodation, travel, entertainment and other essential items.

This way, you don’t spend more than necessary.

Create An Emergency Fund

An emergency fund is very useful especially if you live far from home.

If something unexpected happens such as losing your job, having car trouble or getting sick, this fund would provide financial support until you recover.

Set Up Your Savings Account

Saving money is one of the best ways to prepare yourself for future emergencies.

Start saving now by setting up a savings account at any bank where you do not earn interest.

Save 10% Of Your Income

This amount may seem small but it adds up quickly when you add all your monthly income.

The sooner you begin saving, the better.

Start Saving Now!

The earlier you start saving, the easier it becomes. Once you reach your goal, continue saving regularly.

Have Fun While Studying Abroad

Studying abroad gives you many opportunities to explore new cultures and learn different languages.

Moreover, studying overseas also allows you to meet people from around the world which makes learning fun.

Take Care Of Yourself And Others

During summer vacations, take care of yourself first. Make sure you eat well and exercise daily.

Also, try to relax whenever possible.

Don’t forget to enjoy your holiday too. Take advantage of the opportunity to visit places you’ve never been to before.

Learn How To Manage Responsibilities

Managing responsibilities takes practice. When you return back to school student after summer break, you will realize just how much stress you had taken off your shoulders.

Be Prepared With Useful Information

When preparing for summer term breaks, remember to pack everything you need including clothes, toiletries, books, and anything else you think you might need during summer vacation.

Also, have information about your coursework handy.

Knowing what assignments you still need to complete will give you peace of mind knowing that you haven’t forgotten anything.

Keep Track Of Expenses

Keeping track of expenses is another great tip for managing finances.

Write down each expense in detail so you’ll always know how much you spent.

If you’re traveling somewhere, keep receipts of purchases made while away.

These documents prove that you actually went out shopping and eating.

Plan Ahead For Future Trips

You must make plans for trips you want to go on next year. Don’t wait till the last minute to decide whether you want to go camping or hiking.

Prepare an itinerary beforehand so you don’t waste precious time deciding later.


The wonderful summer experiences on holidays are the best times to live.

It’s a time to relax and enjoy the sun and to take a break from all your work and studies.

Plan your holidays well and make the best out of your time.

You can take up a part-time or summer opportunities and earn extra income.

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