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How To Teach Kindergarten Online? Read Here

Teaching kindergarten online has become increasingly popular these days. It’s an excellent way to earn extra income while staying at home and spending quality time with your kids.

However, teaching kindergarten online doesn’t come without challenges. And there are certain things you should consider before starting a kindergarten online course.

Online kindergarten teachers now a days do cross-curricular kindergarten activities, This activities are effective for the kids.

Some fellow kindergarten teacher, Have different methods teaching kindergarten students

Here are some simple steps to do:

Step 1. Lesson planning 

Always plan lessons ahead of time so that they can be easily implemented in the classroom. This will help you avoid any last minute surprises which may cause confusion among children.

You need to make sure that all materials needed for each lesson is prepared beforehand. You also have to prepare activities or games that would keep them engaged during class hours.

It’s important to remember that every child learns differently.

Step 2. Make story with illustrations

Story with images or drawings can really engage young learners. They love stories because it gives them something interesting to look forward to.

Make sure that pictures used in your story are relevant to the topic being taught. For example, if you’re going to talk about animals, don’t use photos of cars or buildings.

Also, try not to include too many words on the picture as this might confuse your student. Instead, focus more on illustrating the concept by using only one word per illustration.

Step 3. Games for kindergarten

Doing fun with Kids is always great!

But when we think about how much time teachers spend doing boring stuff like preparing worksheets and other assignments, why not just play instead?

Games are perfect for engaging children since they allow us to interact with our students.

Plus, they give us a chance to practice skills such as problem solving and critical thinking.

 Step 4. kindergarten math activities

Math subject for kids are very easy but still require lots of effort from parents. That’s why teachers always find ways to motivate their students through various means.

One of those ways is to involve them in learning activities.

For instance, you could ask your kindergartener to count objects around him/her.

Or maybe he/she wants to learn multiplication tables. Whatever it is, you’ll definitely get results.

Step 5. Videos in class story

Educational video can be a good source of information especially for younger ones who cannot read yet.

They can watch videos together and discuss what they see. Also, watching educational videos helps develop language skills.

So, whenever possible, incorporate videos into your curriculum such as:

  • Educational video
  • Read-alouds and math videos
  • Teacher-made video
  • Video activities
  • Video tutorials

Online games specific to kindergarten standards

online games that meet the kindergarten standards are those that have a low difficulty level and are played by children in kindergarten.

These games help children practice their math skills by playing with numbers and counting objects while having fun. They are also used to teach children about colors and shapes, among others.

  • Reading games & activities

The first one here is an interactive book called “A Day At The Beach” which includes a variety of different bookshelf options as well as a few pages where kids get to choose what happens next. It matches kindergarten standards perfectly.

This site offers several different types of stories including fairy tales, myths, fables, folktales, legends and nursery rhymes. There are even some nonfiction titles like “How To Make A Snowman.”

  •  Math games & activities

Here are two math games that have been popular among my friends who teach elementary school. They are very easy to navigate and offer lots of practice opportunities.

First up is Math Bingo. This game has three levels of difficulty so there should be something for everyone.

You simply need to match the number cards shown on each row. If you do, then you win points.

Second is Number Race. In this game, players must race against the clock to answer questions related to addition and subtraction.

Each question gets harder until someone answers correctly.

There are also plenty of free printable math sheets available at sites like Teachers Pay Teachers.

  • Guided drawing

This site offers guided drawing as an activity. It includes many different types of art supplies and even lets you choose which type of paper you want to draw on.

The best part? There are no rules! Just follow along and see what happens.

  • Puzzles

There are several puzzles here including word searches, crosswords, mazes, jigsaw puzzles and others. This one is especially fun because you get to pick the puzzle size.

  • At-home safari or scavenger hunts

This is fun and effective learning methods for young learners. You just need to find items from a list and bring them back to show your child.

It’s great if you’re looking for ways to keep your students busy during summer break.

Other ideas include making lists of things to look out for when going outside, finding hidden pictures, etc.

If you’d rather not spend money on these materials, try using recycled cardboard boxes instead.

  • Morning routine exercises 

Doing morning exercises before starting a class can improve concentration and focus. Your kindergarten students will love it too.

How to make online lesson plans for virtual kindergarten class?

You can use Google Classroom or ClassDojo to create online lesson plans. These tools are free and easy to use.

They allow you to create lessons with students from any location, at any time. You can even assign homework tasks to students.

Seasoned kindergarten teachers has different methods for making lesson plans. This methods include using worksheets, creating flashcards, writing notes and more.

Some people prefer to write down everything they plan to say during the day. Others just record it all on audio files.

Whatever method you decide to use, remember to keep things simple.

Keep them short and concise. And most importantly, don’t forget to review your work regularly.

If you’re looking for ways to improve your teaching skills, always have access to great resources.


Kindergarten online courses are becoming increasingly popular nowadays. However, it does take quite a lot of preparation before embarking on this journey.

Virtual kindergarten teachers now a day’s are expected to know how to effectively manage their classroom in order to ensure student success.

So if you’ve decided to become a virtual teacher, start by learning about the basics. Then find out how to prepare yourself mentally and physically.

And finally, learn how to set up your own virtual classroom. Once you feel ready, go ahead and give it a try.

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