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Can You Use Google Classroom For Tutoring? Learn Here!

Can You Teach Online Using Google Classroom?

Google has become a household name, so it’s no wonder its most famous app, Google Classroom, is used.

For those who don’t know, Google Classroom is the fabulous software that lets you share and collaborate on projects with your students.

With just a few clicks, you can create a real world classroom link that students can access and used to manage their work and grades.

Google Classroom is a free online tool that allows teachers to create and manage their classes.

It’s also an excellent way for students to communicate with each other, share assignments, and collaborate on projects.

Yes, you can use Google Classroom for teaching purposes. However, I think you might be confusing Google Classroom with Google Slides.

Google Classroom does not support presentations – but you could still share your slides so anyone can watch them.

In this article, I’ll show you ways how you can use Google Classroom for tutoring.

How to create a free account on Google Classroom?

If you want to try out Google Classroom as a tutor or teacher, then here are some steps:

1. Click “Create New Account” button in the top right corner of the page. 

2. Enter the email address, password, and choose “I understand these terms.”.

3. After registration process completed you will receive confirmation mail from google. Please click on URL provided in the mail to activate your new class room account.

4. Now, login using your Gmail ID and Password. If you do not remember them, go back to step 2 again.

5. Once logged into your classroom organization, you may see something like below screenshot. It shows all the information related to your created classroom management.

6. To add more users to your class room, follow same procedure mentioned above. Just select different user names and enter respective emails.

Then select option ‘Add another student’ under ‘Settings’. This will allow multiple users to be added to one class room.

7. Students need to have Gmail accounts before they can join any class rooms. So if you want to teach kids, make sure that they already have a Gmail id.

They will get an invitation code, which they should provide while signing up. Then only they can register themselves in your class room.

8. As soon as user registers himself he gets his own profile where he can view his progress and grade card, etc.

9. The best part about Google Classroom environment is that both teachers and students can chat through messages.

Teachers can send private message to individual students and vice versa. Also, there is a messaging facility between parents and children too. You can even set time limit.

How to use Google classroom?

Now let us talk about some cool features of Google Classroom:

  • Students can take notes and upload files via Google Drive. They can comment on posts made by others and reply.
  • Also, students can submit homework questions together. Teacher can assign tasks to the entire group at once. And finally, teachers can give feedback to individual students.
  • You can check status of your virtual classroom anytime via dashboard.

There is no doubt that it’s very easy to manage virtual class online now days. So what else? Can we say Google Classroom is perfect for learning?

Well, yes! But I would recommend against using it for real lessons.

Teachers must consider following points when planning their lessons using Google Classroom:

1) Using Google Classroom for educational purpose is fine. But don’t expect students to learn anything meaningful. Because most of them just spend hours surfing internet rather than doing productive work.

2) Don’t forget to reward good behaviour.

3) Make sure that you are not adding unnecessary things to your course.

4) Check whether the teacher has access to other tools such as email or calendar. If so, then try avoiding those extra features.

5) Try not to share sensitive data with students. Like passwords, credit cards details etc. because these could pose security threats.

6) Keep track of assignments submitted by each student.

7) Be careful while assigning grades.

8) Avoid sharing confidential documents with students.

9) Never ever ask students to do projects outside the school.

10) Always keep a tab on how

Can non educators use Google Classroom?

Yes, absolutely. There are many ways to use this tool. Here are a few examples:

Teachers can create groups to organise discussion threads within their setup of classroom. It also helps in managing attendance records.

Teachers can invite guest lecturers from anywhere around the world. Guest lecturer can collaborate with the whole coding class.

All discussions and presentations are organised into separate google docs and shared among all participants.

Collaboration works great when you have a big project, like creating a video game or building a website. In fact, collaboration becomes essential when you have limited resources available.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for an excellent platform where everyone gets involved in making content, then Google Classroom is worth trying out.

Google Classroom isn’t meant to be used for tutoring, but to allow people who aren’t experts in technology to teach themselves something new.


To conclude this article, I would say that Google Classroom is useful for tutors who work online with kids.

Google Classroom has been designed keeping in mind the needs of educators. It helps them organise classes.

Moreover, it provides real-time communication among students and teachers. All thanks to its collaboration tools!

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